Willkommen! Bienvenue! Welcome! I have no idea what to say here anymore. Name's Shelby. I like Dragon Age, Disney, Video games, and superheroes. ♐ - Pansexual - Deer


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the flow of time is always cruel… its speed seems different for each person, but no one can change it.


The End+Dead! by My Chemical Romance in 8bit

(sounds like an old retro video game )

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My official title is now Androgynous Prince of Darkness


This Is Gospel - Panic! At the Disco; The left ear is the official album version, while the right ear is the official piano version.

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i saw you and i want you by olivietta
Maurevar: Forget it, Hawke. She’s not your league.
Malcolm: I’ll take my chance. What was her name again?
Maurevar: Leandra Amell.

A deer that catches stars in its antlers
Anonymous said: of course, dearie. if you need someone to talk to, just ask and if I see you, i'll message you and you can fill up the text box as much as you want/need too and I promise I'll read every word and let you know everything's okay. Okay?

Thank you soooo much. You have no idea how much this means to me.

(I only wish you would come off of anon, Love.)

Anonymous said: yes hello friend. are you okay?

I’m just not feeling too well. I recovered a little over the summer but I’ve been a lot worse lately, my emotions are heavy and the second I’m home and alone and able to think to myself I start getting just really bad. I’ve been trying to stay out and about and hang out with my friends a lot more lately so I don’t have to worry about getting to that low point…

But it’s really hard to keep people around all the time, Y’Know?

Thank you so much for asking, whoever you are.



ATTENTION FOR A SECOND, YO: Real talk, this animal (the Ordovician Helmet crab, aka the Horseshoe crab, aka the Atlantic’s most at-risk shelled animal) is of a species that is close to 450 million years old. They are considered endangered, and often wash up on the shores of Long Island (this big lady crab was at TR park in Oyster Bay)Note: these animals are often used to extract their blue blood and cure diseases. They help the ocean out big time. And they are one of the longest-surviving species on the planet. They’re washing up and people don’t think to/are scared to save them because of their deceivingly harmless barbs. Take note, friends. Their barbs are NOT stingers. They cannot hurt you. Their pinchers aren’t pinchers, they’re just little legs that are actually really soft! The barb tail they have is actually what they use to stick into the ocean floor or the sand when waves knock them over or they flip onto their backs by accident. And you can help them out by flipping them back over very quickly and helping them scuttle back into the water if you see them struggling. This is way important. Just call me the Sarah McLachlan of horseshoe crabs.

Hey everyone, as someone who grew up with horseshoe crabs literally everywhere I’d like to bring your attention to these fine, prehistoric bottom-feeders. Growing up in Gerritsen Beach (In Brooklyn, NY) meant seeing dozens upon dozens of horseshoe crabs trapped in fishing lines and shredded sandbags, stuck above the high-tide marks during low tide, and sometimes washed up on the rocks. Which led to probably hundreds of hours cutting them loose every summer during the mating seasons. Horseshoe crabs are 10000% harmless to you and can be easily handled (just don’t dangle them from their tails (known as a telson); that’s painful and you may accidentally rip the tail off and they’ll have to wait until their next molt to grow a new one!).
If you see a horseshoe crab on the beach, gently nudge it with your foot. Most of them will respond by waving their telson around. If it doesn’t respond, flip it over to check for moving limbs. If you suspect it is tangled and can’t move and you can’t bring it straight to the water because of this get a bucket of sea water and slowly pour it over the book gills and legs. As you work to untangle these rad critters, which are actually more closely related to spiders than crabs, pour more water over it periodically until you can return it to the ocean. However, during the mating season horseshoe crabs will attach together, with the large female toting around a smaller male behind her, and bury themselves in sand and mud to lay their eggs. Do not dig up these horseshoe crabs unless you are absolutely sure that they are stuck above the high tide mark. If you see dozens of beached horseshoe crabs but none of them are clinging together and the tide is going out, please do your part and turn them back in the direction of the water. Place them at the water’s edge and let them decide which direction they want to go in to be absolutely sure that they aren’t stranded accidentally.
Horseshoe crabs cannot bite you, and their “pincers” are really just for picking up food and don’t hurt if they try to grab you. They may be a little intimidating-looking but they are harmless and will be grateful for your help.

Just look at all those friendly legs waiting to tickle you in thanks for helping them not die a slow death of baking in the sun and getting eaten by gulls and other sea birds!
Please, protect our bottom feeding horseshoe crabs at all costs. Yes their blood has important medicinal value, being copper-based unlike our iron-based blood, but overharvesting them can have devastating effects on our underwater ecosystems. When being harvested for blood they should actually be returned to the ocean after taking a little, rather than bled dry